Just Marketing™
just (adjective) \ ˈjəst \: Acting or being in conformity with what is morally upright or good.How you decide to market your brand is how you show up in the world. Just Marketing™ is about you, your business, and learning to sell in an accessible, ethical way. Online marketing authority and former Facebook employee Meg Brunson combines her passion for accessibility and inclusivity with her expertise in the digital marketing space, guiding entrepreneurs and online marketers with tips on developing a marketing strategy set for success, and made to make a genuine, significant impact.After a decade of working within the Deaf and disabled communities and years of watching her kids face racism and transphobia first-hand, Meg has seen how the way we communicate can isolate, divide and harm historically marginalized groups. Just Marketing™ is committed to making a difference through being and building inclusive, anti-racist, compassionate businesses. Just Marketing™ will expand your reach, allow you to hit major sales milestones, and most importantly, guide you in constructing a business that leads with kindness and empathy first. The difference starts with YOU. When you eliminate unethical tactics from your marketing strategy, you ensure that your marketing is both physically accessible and diverse. You take action with kindness and compassion (it’s simply the right thing to do), and increase your reach in the process. Subscribe to the Just Marketing™ podcast for immediate, actionable tips, and share this resource with other marketers and entrepreneurs devoted to equity-centered strategy. Show more